February 27, 2016

5 Light Craft Ideas You Can Do at Camping

Lights are required in every household. However, there are times when people get bored seeing the same pattern of lights. If this has happened to you, then it is time to change and give your house a touch of creativity by creating unique designs with hand crafted lights. It is not possible to change the light bulbs but the uniqueness of creating new designs with those light bulbs will surely satisfy your appetite for change. You can even create these designs using the best tactical flashlight.

Bright Star Garland

StarLights3_MonMakesThingsPhoto source: http://www.monmakesthings.com

The first craft idea that will surely dazzle people and make their eyes grow brighter than the lights used to create it is the bright star light garland. In order to make one, the first thing to do is to buy some craft foam and cut them into rectangles of dimension 4” x 5”. After that, the rectangles have to be cut into stars with a hole in the middle. It is important to freehand cut the stars and make it perfect using a sharp knife. Now get some white lights and white cable to connect the holders of the light. You can also spray paint the bulbs to give out a misty white glow. Next, it is important to push each bulb through the hole in the star and connect them with the cable. Lastly, try to hang the garland of star light in the wall and appreciate your own creation.

Pineapple Lamp

creative-diy-ideas-12-2Photo source: http://www.boredpanda.com

The second brilliant craft idea that can be made to surprise people is making a pineapple lamp. It can also done using the best tactical flashlight you can find in your room. This is surprisingly easy craft to create. It only requires a few things like plastic spoon, a small lamp, wide bottle, glue, knife and green cardstock.

Firstly, take the lamp and keep it unplugged until the process is complete. The knife can now be used to cut the base of the chosen bottle. The bottle should be opened on both sides. After this, take the plastic spoons and cut off their handle. Then spray paint them twice with yellow color to give them the color of a pineapple. Now start sticking the the spoon parts to the base of the bottle using glue. Keep sticking the spoon parts layer after layer and you will find that it will eventually take the shape of a pineapple. Now, cut a spiny star from the green cardstock. Stick it in and bend the ends to make it look like the leaves. Your craft is complete. Now put it as the lamp shed and enjoy.

Ping Pong Lights

TFTS_Make_HeroImage_FairlylightsPhoto source: http://hdpixa.com

The third craft is creating café lights out of ping pong balls. This is one of the simplest craft and requires some ping pong balls, cable and some LED lights. With the help of an exact-o-knife, make a hole in the ping pong balls, along their seam. The holes should not be more than 1/4th inch wide. Wriggle the LED light inside the hole of the ping pong ball. Continue to insert the LED lights inside all the ping pong balls. Now, connect each light with the wire or cable to complete the series. The ping pong balls have to be handled with care to avoid crushing them. Finally, hang the lights on the wall of your room to magnify the beauty.

Glittered Lantern 

Lamp-covered-in-sequins-and-glitterPhoto source: http://www.inhabitblog.com

The fourth craft will surprise you with the glamour it will add to your room. It does not take a great deal of time to finish this beautiful craft. To make a glittered lantern, the only things required are cheap paper lantern, glue and glitter. Take the cheap paper lantern and brush it with glue. Then spread the glitter over it. Cover the whole lantern with the glitter and your glittering lantern is done.

Photographed Lights

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhoto source: http://www.indiamart.com

The fifth craft is showing off your photos by adding some extra light. This craft does not require great skill or time. Just get a string of fairy lights and clip the photos at regular intervals. Then hang it on the wall and it will surely catch the eye of any person entering the room.

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