February 13, 2016

7 People Who Preferred Living in the Wild

For some people civilization is very suffocating because society dictates what we should do and what we are. Such a huge burden can really weigh down a person who is free spirited. It is because of this that some people retreat back to nature and go back to when things were much simpler. Why do they prefer to go back into the wild? Have they found something there that we, regular folks, haven’t? What attracted them to escape our material world and search for something in a dangerous terrain? These are the questions that we want to ask. Armed with just hunting gear, a small backpack, and the best tactical flashlight in the market, these people braved the wilderness to look for something more in life. Let’s take a look at 7 people who went back into nature to know the real score.

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1. First on the list, we have Christopher McCandless. If you have watched the movie “Into the Wild”, then you definitely know who this man is. He was a man from an upper class background who was well educated. He studied in a really good school (comma here) and his career was about to skyrocket as well! However, he felt that education, jobs, prestige and all those worldly desires are a part of the materialistic world that is rather empty and meaningless. He went out on an adventure to Alaska and lived in the wild away from humanity in order to get away from it all. He lived for half a year in the wild until he eventually died of starvation.

2. Noah John Rondeau was known to be another man who became a hermit in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. He believed that the world was missing something that he was looking for. It was because of this that he shunned society and opted to live on his own away from the world and its inhabitants. Even though he preferred to spend his time alone away from people, he did sometimes have visitors over. He even entertained his visitors and would often serenade them with his violin.

3. Ted Kaczynski was an extreme and some would even say basket case. He was a very talented professor who one day decided to go into woods of Montana and live in a cabin away from people, civilization, and technology. After that, that’s where things started to get a little out of hand. He started planning attacks on various areas around his neighborhood. Eventually, he started bombing universities and other crowded areas. Many were injured and a few were killed in the process. He is now in federal prisons paying for his actions.

4. Paul Gauguin was a very famous artist and writer who lived a life of solace to concentrate on his work. Because of financial troubles back in his home, he travelled to Tahiti and lived among the natives. He shared most of his works with the natives who lived here.

5. A spiritual hermit known as Anthony the Great was the first monk to ever live in the wild which was already considered a feat by most people. He was a part of the Christian hermit group known as the Desert Fathers who decided to live in the deserts of Egypt to get away from the impurities of the world.

6. Famous American author Henry Thoreau was also known to be a man of the wild. He based his book “Walden” on his period of isolation near the Walden Pond. He wanted to live in solidarity so that he could better enlighten himself about how to make himself independent from society. He wanted to understand what solidarity was and how he can learn so much from it. His book was the end result of that of his little journey into the wild.

7. Last on the list is none other than Timothy Treadwell who was an environmentalist who made his mark on the world through his documentaries. He lived with bears for many years in order to film his documentaries. He actually walked among the grizzly bears unprotected just armed with his video camera and the best tactical flashlight he had. However, he was eventually killed by a bear as he was filming. Because of this, many environmentalists, naturalists, and activists actually regarded him as quite the hero. A documentary was finally made about his life in the wild entitled “Grizzly Man”.

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