About Us

Hello every one,

Welcome to our site about surviving tips and experiences in real life, yeah, it is in the real life, not in the games.

As people know that most of people, especially young people in some recent years are seriously lack of living skill, even the most basic one such as cooking, cleaning, and using hand. Due to the fact that the development of technology help us to do many job faster and even do not need a touch from our hands, all of them are automatically machine, doing as offers and increase the productivity of the daily works. In addition, the number of restaurant and fast food store is rapidly increase in this time is the main reason make people nowaday is getting strange with living skill, and in particular is surviving skills.

In all kind of living skills, the communition skill is the one that people can realize easiest because it affect to the daily life of people. At my personal point, I think we need some change to save our next generation.

Living and surviving skills are my interest. There are a lot of things that we can not know if no one told us so in this site, I want to share my knowledge about the soft skills in general and the surviving skills in particular to help you solve all the unexpected cases in the daily life that we are possible meet someday such as fire, theft, finding a new job, etc.

My sharing is based on the realistic cases and my solutions are the personal idea, if you have any better solution, do not be shy, let’s sharing and learning from each others and together I hope we can make our life better.

This is my honor to see you here in this survivalstudy.com site, and I really think that survival skills are the necessary thing we need to learn from small age.

Anw, welcome to the land of survival skill!!!