February 1, 2016

Backpacking Tips for Adventurers

Adventuring needs you to take some things in your own arsenal; meaning you need to learn what the essentials are when it comes to backpacking. Before going on this fun moment of yours, learning some simple tricks and must-dos for backpacking is the best idea. Here are some useful tips that are really easy to follow so that you can finally begin your first adventure in the great outdoors.

Get a Large Bag

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Make sure that you get the best bag there is in the market so that you can stock up on all of the items that you we will discuss later on. There are lots of brands out there that are known to have large bags with multiple pockets in order for you to store some of your stuff. Backpacks are perfect types of bags that you can use because of its size, along with the features that made it very easy to carry. Be sure to go for bags that are measured at 50 – 100 meters so that you can fit in anything that you need. Lastly, be sure to have a slot on your bag where you can attach the tent for your camping needs.

Food Supply

Always remember that food is the most important thing that you need to store in your bag. It is necessary for you to survive and get the right energy that you need as you go on an adventure. Ready-to-eat items are the best throughout the day of your hike or travel because it helps you get the energy that you need in an instant. Beef jerky, trail mix (made out of nuts and chocolate), candy bars and gelatin are perfect for instant energy.

If you want to get some food for dinner, then you can get canned goods that can be eaten right away. If you happen to have some cooking paraphernalia there, you can use those to boil some water and heat up your food. Just avoid foods that are too salty because it can make you thirsty real quickly. Add some coffee as well for a good morning during your adventure. Also, watch your food carefully when camping.

The Clothes to Wear

The clothes that you should wear should match the weather. However, since we might not find out the weather at the place where we will take an adventure, we need to bring clothes that are perfect for both hot and cold weather. For the basics, all you need is clothing that’s made of polyester because it can dry better than cotton. Never bring cotton when taking an adventure!

For the lower parts, convertible pants are the best because it provides you advantage during hot and cold weather. You can use jogging pants if you want something long, and go for simple shorts if you prefer it that way. For your footwear, go for hiking shoes and not sports shoes. Boots are also great because it provides more protection especially on muddy areas. You can use sandals or slippers, but its preferable to use them when at the camp for you to feel more comfortable with your feet. Also, never use cotton socks.

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For other clothes, you can use caps, bonnets, brimmed hats, and simple bandannas for your head so that you can protect it from the hot or cold weather. If there is rain present, be sure to bring a raincoat or just a jacket if it’s too cold.

Tools of the Trade

Lastly, there are important tools that you must bring at all times. First is the flashlight because it provides you vision during the night, and is very helpful if you’re also lost as it gives signal to others that may see it. There are some top flashlight models that serve as the best tactical flashlight thanks to its features that will surely help you survive the wilderness.

If you want to do more, then bring in more tools! If you want to go cycling, you can bring your own bike or rent. Getting a machete can be good especially when cutting branches that are along the way. A satellite phone can be a good option as well especially if you have the budget to get it. Trekking poles are also useful at muddy areas for you to find the hard ground to step on next. This may not be a tool, but also remember that the most vital survival kit that you need is a bottle of water! Be sure to bring a big bottle (it will still fit in the bag!). Lastly, bring at least 4 things from your first aid kit; it will be useful later on aside from the best tactical flashlight that you have there!

You’re Finally Ready to go!

These are the simple tips that you need to do if you plan on backpacking, and if you follow all of these from the beginning to the end, rest assured that you will have nothing to worry about and you will surely survive out there. If you want to bring gadgets, cooking ingredients and materials, and others that you want, you can do so – just make sure that you keep them safely in your bag as well. With these, you’re now ready to have a memorable adventure!

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