February 9, 2016

Camping on the Beach: The Essentials

Most of us who live close to a beach or are fond of vacationing by a waterfront know that packing for camping at the beach is different than camping, lets say, in the mountains. There are the usual items, which even an inexperienced person with sense knows; like packing a tent and sleeping bags. However, there are some conditions that may not cross our minds and for that, this article is here to help you remember the essentials.

First of all, even though it may be warm and sunny during the day, it may get cold at night. During the day, people are bound to be occupied in watersports and just lounging in the hot sun with a cold beer and not feel the cold coming, but as the evening descends, the temperatures are bound to drop and it may get cold. It is therefore advisable that you pack outerwear, extra socks and warm bedding.

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If the beach that you have chosen for your camping trip is near the city, then you might not find hiking options. However, beaches can get as rugged as any hiking trail and so you must remember to pack your hiking gear if you want to make the most of the camping trip. It is essential that you do not forget the best tactical flashlight because you do not want to be tripping or stepping into potholes while hiking. Other essentials would be insect repellants, water bottles, and a hat.

If you want to make the most of your trip, live like a pro-beach person for the time that you spend there. It would be awesome if you get some seafood recipes. Even if you are inexperienced at catching your own fish, you can join teams that might be doing it if you are not at a very remote location. Where there is a beach, there are bound to be fishmongers. Be prepared to spread the delicious aromas from your cooking in the salty beach air. Make a little packet of all the spices and seasoning you would need to make yourself and your companions a delicious meal. Keeping your best tactical flashlight in hand, you can even set out to search for ingredients (only if you can identify the safe from the poisonous ones!) and dry firewood to get your cooking started. This would be a real pro’s way of experiencing the beach.


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Last, but not the least, is the sinister issue of keeping yourself safe on the trip. This is especially a concern if you choose a remote location over a regularly frequented spot. Here, the concerns may range from wild animals to wild insects to wild shrubs to wild rashes and cuts that you may sustain in all the wilderness. It is important that you dedicate a very small but sure spot to a first aid ensemble. Be sure to include insect repellants, bandages, and basic ointments that may soothe the pain and contain infections and allergies should you get any while out for your holiday. This is important to keep your fun holiday from turning into a frustrating experience. Since it is important that you have a clear view of what you are facing at all times, the best tactical flashlight will help you at night with its wide powerful and wide range of light. Since an open fire is not entirely safe, and if a very dark night is not your cup of tea, you can use the flashlight to provide you with all the light you need on your adventure.

There is a wide range of things that you can add to the list of things to take with you if you want to make the trip as comfortable for yourself and as fun as you want. Your holiday at the beach is a cherished time that is why it is important to completely immerse yourself in the experience and at the same time keep yourself well equipped.

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