March 1, 2016

EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit Review

EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit
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The introduction of the EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit into the market years ago is a welcome relief for customers who are looking for a reliable and durable brand that could serve them well. This brand is not only child-friendly but also user-friendly for all ages. From its soft rubber switch which is smooth to touch up to its amazing feature of wide ultra-bright light perfect for sport activities, inside and outside of home use and other utilizations that could be a matter of life and death. Your choice is really becoming narrower.

EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit (TK120X): Our Brightest Tactical LED Flashlight with High-Lumen Output, ZOOM Feature, Water Resistant Design, 5 Light Modes and Rechargeable Batteries


The EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit is one kind of tactical flashlight that could give users a two-in-one deal. This can be used to light pitch black darkness and at the same time use the torch as weapon for self-defense. We tackle this part later on this article.

EcoGear FX is one manufacturer who really understands multi-tasking not only for humans but also for devices alike. This product boasts of multi-functions aside from being a device for illumination. You might be surprised of what the TK120X Tactical Flashlight could do: read on!

Product Features

The salient features of the TK120X could be attributed to EcoGear FX’s years of product evolution and development where designs conform to changing times and the materials’ technological advancement over the years. Check out these awesome features:

   1. Product Materials

The torch is primarily made from solid aluminum alloy, finished in hard-anodized manner and is typically shock-proof. The flashlight’s head is basically designed for self-defense, tactical combat conditions and emergency situations such as window breaking or as a tool in striking intruder on body parts to render him/her disabled temporarily. The latter scenario is only advisable if your life is threatened with danger from another person or any creature capable of hurting you. That’s what we call a “multi-tasking device”. The alloy also gives the torch material strength which eliminates possible damage, breakings or scratches on the unit if accidentally dropped or intentionally smashed.

   2. Ultra-bright beam

The beam is so bright it could reach up to 985 feet (300 meters) of distance from the user’s perspective. Its reflector is designed specially to enhance light intensity and distance. The LED is a high quality CREE XML T6 with a maximum output of 1600 Lumens. The white LED comes in one piece with the package.

   3. 5 Functional Modes

The 5 functions of this product are as follows: High, Med, Low and Fast-strobe and the last is SOS signal (for emergencies). The different light modes could be achieved through the built-in switch which is also used to turn it on and off.

   4. Waterproof

Practically water resistant, the product’s internal parts are tightly sealed with combinations of rubber seal rings (O-rings) that keep water as well as moisture, dirt and dust away.

   5. Rechargeable Battery

The package is provided with two type 18650 X 3.7V X 3000mAh lithium batteries which could be recharged. A charger is provided in the package.

   6. Lightweight

Weighing only 0.44 lbs. (7 ounces) and measuring 7.95 inches while the tube’s diameter is only 1 inch at the largest point, the torch is superlight which is truly portable and could be carried anywhere you go, day or night.

   7. Current fluctuation safe

The LED emitter of the EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit is programmed to receive constant flow of current and voltage on the circuit even if the supply from the grid fluctuates which is sometimes the case. In this feature, the circuit will not be damaged in case current and voltage suddenly surged.

   8. Professional Grade LED

The zooming effect of this light provides wide spread beam as well as when focused in a distance. These are really convenient for professionals and individuals and ideal for night hunting, fishing, camping, trekking and other worthwhile sports and tactical situations.

   9. Soft Touch Switches

Unlike conventional flashlights and other brands of this type, the TK120X is equipped with a soft switch that is smooth to touch. This type of switch is ideal for all ages that prefer comfortable pushing on switch.

   10. Additional Accessories

These are the other items that come with the package:

  1. Cordless dual channel battery charger
  2. One free mini LED flashlight (batteries are not included for this item)
  3. Two belt clips (one each flashlight)

The mini LED flashlight uses one (1) size AA or one (1) 14500 type X 3.6V batteries.

Pros & Cons


  • Multi-purpose use: As discussed above, this tactical flashlight is not only for best tactical situations, it could also be used for self-defense as a weapon of sort since its body and especially the head light assembly is reinforced with hard aluminum alloy. This alloy is more durable than aluminum materials of other brands although slightly heavier.
  • Zooming capacity: The zooming capability of this unit is quite different from other brand of its category in which this could throw a distance of a third of a kilometer (300 meters) without varying the brightness, much farther than the nearest competitors. This feature makes this light not only conducive for homes and sport activities but also great for police works, targeted search, emergency assistance, patrolling and others.
  • Ideal for commercial and residential use: The use of this flashlight is not limited for the adventurers and law-enforcement, aside from being utilized at homes for kids of proper age, moms and dads or whoever is left in homes. This could also be used in the business establishments especially for security personnel.


  • Long charging time: The average charging time for a totally dissipated batteries of this product runs between 6 to 8 hours, as attested to by users.


A good handheld emergency LED flashlight like the EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit while small but packed with ultra-bright light and could function as any ordinary flashlight do but also could be used as self-defense weapon in tactical situations we never imagine could happen. Its immense features equaled, if not surpassed those much expensive brands in the market. Though its issue is totally negligible, the fair price and awesome features of this flashlight kit compensate for some other issues that may arise, if any. Overall, the product is truly useful and highly recommended for users who want to own one of the best tactical flashlights available today.

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