January 23, 2016

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight Review

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight
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Review Summary:

The detailed information and data given by this review on the awesome features and performance of the EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit, also known as the PD-35 TAC (for Tactical Edition) were truly beneficial where this light has a great improvement from its predecessor. The brightness, range, life, performance and reliability and durability are greatly enhanced without adding weight and length. The various modes (9 types) are rare in other products of this category making users to have a wide-range of choices depending on situations they are in. The protection systems present in this unit also give the users safe and convenient operation.

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen CREE XP-L LED Tactical Flashlight with Two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries


EdisonBright is one of the producers of quality tactical flashlights in the industry and one of the finest in craftsmanship. This product was first introduced July of 2013 and the reception from customers is one for the books. Old model of this product was improved to give this latest version of the PD35- TAC. The manufacturer is not wrong in the first place. Find out more.

Typically modeled as a pocket-sized unit, the Fenix PD35-TAC is what you would call “small but terrible”. Additionally, this flashlight is considered one of the smallest in its category, but sometimes size really does not matter. The torch has adapted to the test of times and it could still be leading in the race. The LED lighting technique of the new generation tactical flashlights give this product the edge among its competitors.

Furthermore, the exceptional character of the Fenix PD35-TAC is worth every penny as you can see when we enumerate some of its earthly features and other specifications unmatched by other models in the online market. Better to check them out:

Product Features

   1. Aircraft-grade Materials

This flashlight is made from durable and anti-corrosive aircraft-grade aluminum and Premium Type III metal, finished in hard-anodized manner making the torch corrosion-resistant and shock-proof; this also adds life to the light. The lens, on the other hand is made from reinforced clear-glass coated with anti-reflective material. The lens does not fade even when used overtime.

   2. Two-battery system

The product has two-battery system on which you could use either one piece18650 type lithium-ion battery (which is rechargeable) or two 3volts CR123A type lithium batteries. Either way, you have a choice where you are convenient.

   3. High-performance beam power

The Tactical Edition PD35 TAC performs well even in harsh environment where it could have a throw (range of beam) of up to 656 feet. The LED is a white CREE XP-L (V5) type discharging 1000 Lumens of power and has a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

   4. Stainless steel side switch

Aside from having a tail switch, it has a side switch made in stainless steel for different purpose. This switch is used to select the mode for the Outdoor Mode system.

   5. Intelligent memory circuit

This feature enables the user to know what last output mode is used. This system automatically enters the activities last used by the user when the torch is turned on again. The same routine for similar situation, though. However, you could change the setting by using the tactical and side switches.

   6. Advanced design Tactical Tail switch

The tail switch is designed to achieve mode changing under the Tactical Mode system. The tail switch is made from high-quality rubber and so smooth to touch, users find them convenient and easy to operate. The Tactical Mode system reinforced an easy and quick mode changing operation.

   7. Lightweight

The palm-size torch is only 4 ounces in weight and measures 5.4 inches in length and with a diameter (tube) of only 1 inch. These features enable users to carry the unit in pockets, small bags and any other small containers and carry it anywhere at any given time and in any weather.

   8. Waterproof

This small wonder of technology is waterproof up to 6.5 feet of water within 30 minutes. The parts are sealed by durable rubber O-rings placed between connections. The tight-sealing also keep dust and dirt at bay. The rubber is so flexible, it does not freeze in cold weather .

   9. 3 Tactical, 6 Outdoor Modes

This very interesting piece of engineering has 3 Tactical Mode such as Turbo, consuming 1000 Lumens; Low, which delivers 60 Lumens of lighting and Strobe, also delivering 1000 Lumens. The Outdoor Mode has 6 selectable modes, enumerated below in this order with corresponding illumination (in Lumens):

  1. Turbo- 1000
  2. High- 500
  3. Mid – 200
  4. Low – 60
  5. Eco – 8
  6. Strobe – 1000

Switching between tactical and outdoor modes is easier than tying your shoe laces: Just hold and press the stainless steel side switch for 3 seconds and you are ready to roll.

   10. Accessories

The package for this product comes with the following:

  1. 2 EdisonBright CR123A lithium batteries.
  2. 1 leatherette flashlight holster

Pros & Cons


  • Enhanced Performance: This flashlight is a variation from the XP-G2 LED used particularly for this product years earlier, the torch is now provided with the latest CREE XP-L LED which is proven to increase the bulb’s performance by 251%.
  • Anti-polarity protection: The light has reverse-polarity protection system wherein it defaults when batteries are installed improperly.
  • Low-voltage alert: The torch is equipped with low-voltage reminder system so that user may know when to change or charge the batteries.
  • Slip protection: The body is designed not to roll when placed in flat or uneven surfaces. This feature avoids accidental drop when the flashlight is left unattended.


  • Charger not free: The charger of this unit comes separately in package, meaning, you have to pay for the charger additionally.


While other brands of torch that proliferates in the online market are keeping their products heavier and bulkier, the EcoGear FX Professional Grade LED Flashlight Kit is keeping itself slim and lighter where it is advantageous to users. This product is not only conducive for homes, outdoor and emergency uses but also great for law-enforcement and other activities needing illumination when lights (artificial or not) run out unexpectedly. The various worthy features of this unit “armed” the users in life and death situations conventional flashlight may not able to provide. The simplified operation makes it more user-friendly for everyone.

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