January 27, 2016

Going Inside a Cave: Must-dos

Cave exploring is one of the most exciting outdoor activities that you can try out! Caves are really cool because there is an air of mystery behind it. What can you find when you go inside a cave? Are there some hidden treasures located at the end? What adventures await me when I enter? Exploring caves are very exciting but can be dangerous too if you do not know how to go about. So before going inside any cave, there are some things that you have to remember.

The number one rule of cave exploring is to never go on your own! No matter how good you are at cave trekking, it’s never a good idea to go on your own because accidents may happen, especially when it is dark. So if you want to explore a cave, always remember to bring at least one friend with you so that the two of you can help each other in the event of an emergency.

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In order to survive in a cave, you have to make sure you have the necessary equipment. First of all, you will be needing a small backpack where you can put all your things. Do not bring a bulky backpack because you might have to crawl under some tight areas. Included in the bag should be the basics like a few bottles of water, some snack foods just in case you get hungry, a change of clothes, and a first aid kit in case of accidents.

Second, you will need a good source of light, meaning you need a good flashlight. Do not bring a flashlight that shines dim light because caves are pitch dark and you will need all the light you can get. It is recommended that you buy the best tactical flashlight in the store and a few batteries. If your flashlight is weak, then there will be a chance that you might trip on something or fall down. So for safety purposes, always bring with you the best tactical flashlight that you can find.

Third, you will need a good and sturdy helmet. You can find good helmets in hardware stores. Helmets are essential in cave exploring because you never know when a loose stalactite or rock will fall on you. So in order to protect your head from stray rocks, you have to wear a helmet at all times when you are inside the cave. It is recommended that you buy a construction helmet or a hard hat because these are specially made for protecting heads.

Now that you have all the necessary equipment, let’s discuss the do’s and do not’s of moving inside a cave. First of all, never split up. Splitting up is a recipe for disaster because all of you will surely get lost somewhere in the cave. So rule number one of moving in a cave is to always stick together. Next, always be observant when walking inside the cave. This tip may seem like a no-brainer but it is something a lot of people fail to do. Always walk slowly looking at all areas ahead of you and looking behind from time to time. Never let your attention slip even for a minute because an accident can happen in a minute. Lastly, in the event that you get stuck in a tight hole, do not panic. When you panic, the chances of you getting out will lessen and you might also hyperventilate. So if you find yourself stuck in a small hole and can’t seem to move, relax, breathe slowly, and try to wiggle your way out of there.

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Cave exploring is fun yet dangerous if you do not know the ropes. So before you explore a cave, you must always plan first how you and your friends will move inside. Also, you have to make sure that you bring all the necessary things needed for the exploration. Always remember that safety must be the first priority when you are doing this kind of activity. If you are vigilant at all times, then you will definitely have the cave adventure that you have always been looking for.

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