February 21, 2015

A Guide to Survive in the Desert

There are several people around the world that love the thrill of travelling to unknown places. Deserts can be a great attraction for a number of adventure seekers. However, even for the most adventurous spirit, it is essential to know the tricks of surviving in dry land; otherwise, it can be life threatening for a person. Taking every precaution before going for the adventurous journey is not something to take lightly.


The most important thing that a person needs to keep in mind before starting the journey is to share the plans of journey with minute details with a few friends and relatives. In case the adventure seeker is not back within the stipulated time, then the people knowing the plans can always involve a search party.


The second most important thing to take care of is the mode of communicating with people. Mobile phones often fail in the deep desert areas. It is important to communicate with the service provider before finally choosing the provider. It is often better to choose a satellite phone or SAT phone to have free communication. Satellite phones can be rented for a few days of the journey. One can also purchase a PLB or Personal Locator Beam for further safety. The PLB sends a distress signal with location to the nearest rescue center and can be the ultimate life saving devise.

Vehicle and Equipment

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The next big thing that needs to be taken care of is choosing the vehicle for travelling. It has to be a vehicle built to run smoothly in desert terrains without breaking down. The driving skill of the person should also be considered. The driver should be a master of driving in off-road and difficult desert terrain. Along with the vehicle, the person should also load some spare tires, water, extra spare parts, extra gas and oil for emergency situations.

It is also important to know the methods of making a tent. The desert is a very windy place and a weak tent can often be the cause for an accident. So a person must be able to carry proper materials and have the knowhow of making a firm tent.


Finding the right kind of food in the desert is troublesome, but it is important to have knowledge of the edibles that are found in the desert. This tip can come in handy when there is no food left to eat. If a person’s the main target is to try living like a true man of the desert, he or she must know the certain kinds of insects and snakes one can eat for survival. There is also a chance of finding small rabbits in the place. The tricky part is preparing these animals before serving them.  On other cases, these foods are only for emergency and should only be tried when the food stock has depleted.


It is equally important to properly select the dress that the person wears during the journey to the desert. The dress should be loose fitting and black in color for the maximum amount of comfort in the heat of the desert. The amount of drinking water that needs to be carried should be sufficient enough for the whole trip. A person requires a minimum of 1 gallon of water per day while travelling through a desert. Also the map of the route should be studied to find the places where drinkable water can be found.

desert-hiking.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smartPhoto source: http://www.safebee.com

Wildlife and Medication

Next thing to consider is proper medication. It should be remembered that under no circumstances will a person get any kind of medication in the desert. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Against wildlife, it is advisable to carry the best tactical flashlight in the desert can come in very handy during the cold chilly desert nights. The best tactical flashlight can always help to avoid scorpions and other deadly insects during the night.

Hopefully the above tips will come in very handy for the adventure seekers around the globe. Always be reminded that taking a guide can often be the best option, rather than trying out an unknown path alone.

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