February 15, 2016

How to Live Like a Hermit

When one would mention the word “hermit”, people would immediately picture in their heads a guy wearing rags with no place to sleep and no food to eat. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about hermits as there are a lot of hermits that are actually living comfortably. If you are a loner and would prefer a solidary life in the woods or close to nature, then this is the life for you.

There are reasons why people would choose the hermit life. Some people feel that a life filled with just work, money, technology, and material things is empty and believe that there is something more out there while others just hate being constrained by a customary lifestyle. Modern hermits are examples of these kinds of people. In any case there are many life lessons that you can learn from these hermits. If you think that a life of solidarity and pure communion with nature is for you, then read on and know how to be a hermit.

Before going off into the wild, you first have to decide what kind of hermit you want to be. There are initially two kinds of hermits. There are those who become hermits because they consider it a spiritual calling and there are also people who just want to live on their own. Before embarking into a life of solidarity, you must first ask yourself why you want to do so. Do you want to because you are dedicated to a spiritual cause or do you just like to be alone?

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The next thing to think about now would be survival. Survival means having the three basic needs that a person needs to sustain life; namely food, shelter, and clothing. For food, you can actually live off the land if you know how to grow your own food. Many hermits are also farmers who know how to grow their own vegetables and fruits. These hermits also know how to hunt for animals and cook them. These hunter types also know how to create clothing out of the skins of these animals. As for shelter, logs can be used in order to make a nice and comfy cabin.

Another option is to buy food, clothes and other things. The big question mark here is what about income? Well, if you want to make some money on the side, then you can try some artistic endeavors like writing a book, painting a portrait, or creating a sculpture. If you happen to know someone who can make works like these big, then coordination is very important.

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When the basic needs have been covered, then you now have to buy some necessary equipment and supplies that are needed to live in a rough environment. One of the most important things that a hermit needs is a flashlight. This is needed especially during night time or winter time if he wants to navigate the area in order to look for food or logs. It is best for you to get the best tactical flashlight that is available in the market. These flashlights are extremely useful because they can light up even pitch dark areas. Most tactical flashlights would also have signal lights which are blinking lights that can alert other people in the event of an emergency. It is very crucial not to get just any tactical flashlight because the cheap ones get spoiled easily. It is for this reason that you should get the best tactical flashlight that is durable and of top quality.

Other things that you will need would be some basic cooking equipment like pots and pans. If you don’t want a stove, you can just cook under an open fire. If you will be embarking on a creative journey, then you will definitely need the materials to do so. You will also need other kinds of equipment like an axe to chop wood or a rifle if you are going to hunt animals.

With all that, you are all set to live the hermit life! Living in this kind of life is a very enlightening experience that will take you away from the usual busy lifestyle. This kind of life is either for you or not.

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