January 11, 2016

How To Survive the Rain During Hiking

Hiking on a bright, sunny day is the best trip towards nature! Feeling the wind in your face, breathing in the fresh air, and bathing yourself in the warmth of the sunlight. This is what most hikers would envision their hiking trip to be. But what would happen when a thunder cloud rolls in and it starts to rain? You have no shade except a bunch of trees and maybe an umbrella if you brought one. So how are you going to survive a downpour without getting sick?


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Well, the obvious answer is to bring along some rainwear in case a downpour occurs. You don’t need to wear it while you hike, but it will be very helpful to just keep one in your big. Now, when you look for some rainwear in the store, you will notice that there are so many variants. So the question is which one should you buy? This will all depend on what you are looking for in a jacket. However, you should at least know the types that are available.

There are two types of jackets based on their ability to keep you dry. There are the waterproof ones and the water resistant ones. The ones that hikers are after are the waterproof ones because these ones can keep everything under it dry. Wearing one means you can protect important electronic goods like your cell phone or your best tactical flashlight. The question here is which type of waterproof jacket will be suitable for you? The answer will lie in choosing among three types of jackets based on how many layers they have.

The first type is the two layer kind. It has a layer of coating that is attached to the original fabric to form just one fabric. Since there are two layers, then the first layer will not allow water to get to the second layer and the second layer, in turn, will not let the water get to the skin. Not only can it protect the skin from water really well, but it is also very durable. This means that even a storm won’t destroy it that easily. It is considered to be the heaviest of all the three so it might not be good to use this type of jacket if you are going to run a lot.

The second type is the 2.5 layer type. This type of jacket uses a very light material for a first layer and a coating known as polyurethane laminate for the second layer. To protect this coating, which can be found under the first layer, another thin layer of fabric is placed over the coating. Since the first layer is made out of a very lightweight fabric, then this type of jacket is considered to be the lightest of the three. This type is a good choice if you run a lot. It is also the cheapest of the three which makes it the most economical to buy. However, it is the least durable which means that it will not last very long if it encounters numerous heavy downpours.

The third type, and the best of the three, is the three layer jacket. This type is very different from the previous two because no coatings are used when making this jacket. There are just three types of strong fabric mashed together to form a very durable jacket. This is the best jacket to have if you are trapped in a storm. You will not get wet and your jacket will not be destroyed. Also, it is quite light so you can move around easily even while wearing it. However, it is the most expensive out of the three. Since it is the best quality jacket for hiking in the rain, then you definitely must expect it to be at a prime price. However, if you hike a lot, then it is good to invest in a very good jacket like this.

Whenever you go hiking, never forget to bring a waterproof jacket. With the unpredictable weather these days, a good waterproof jacket is just as important to a hiker as his compass, his Swiss army knife, or even his best tactical flashlight.


Photo source: http://zirkel.com/blog/2001/06/26/mt-washington-hike-with-college-friends/] 

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