February 29, 2016

How to Make a Campfire using a Flashlight


Photo by Sam Howzit

Camping and hiking are a very fun activities especially if you are one of those who are seeking an adventure. These activities are done by different ages and enjoyed almost by all. The fun part everyone is preparing for the campfire! This is the area where people enjoy their marshmallows on stick or chitchats with the people they are with.

But wait! Someone forgot to bring the matches for the campfire and the sun is already starting to set! Are you willing to rub those sticks to start a fire? Or you’ll just curse those magnifying glass for being useless?

Making a campfire using a flashlight can be of big help at this time when you are in great need. Here are some easy steps on how to make a campfire out of the best tactical flashlight.


Campfires can be a very easy thing to do, however, things can be done easier if you’re going to use a tactical flashlight to start the fire. The best tactical flashlight to be used is the one that is handy, light and are still functioning. (Note: this can be very helpful if you do not have any matches or lighters at hand)

In making a campfire, first you must secure an area as to where you should place the pile of grass, logs or whatever safe medium that is available. Make sure to place it 3 meters away from any flammable objects (i.e. tents, trees, hanging objects). It would also be better to dig a few inches to contain the fire.

Once the pile is ready, you have to prepare the flashlight to start the fire.



Photo by Sastyphotos

A flashlight’s parts can be really useful in starting a fire, from its bulb to the battery. A best tactical flashlight in making a campfire is also convenient for those who doesn’t know any scouting skills like rubbing two sticks or

The first thing that you need to do is (just like in any emergency situations), you have to break the cover glass. Don’t be too excited, carefully remove the cover glass and make sure not to damage the inner part of the flashlight because you’ll need it in the later part. This will enable you to remove the bulb.

Next, once the bulb is removed you need to break it (yes, again). Be very careful in doing this and make sure you don’t break the filament (that curvy wire inside the bulb). This will be of help to ignite the fire later on.

Now, you have to put the bulb back inside the flashlight. The opening of the flashlight is where you’ll be putting the kindling. It would be better if the kindling that you’ll use are easily ignited like dried grass, paper or something that will fit to the cone or area of the flashlight where the reflector is placed.

Place the kindling inside the flashlight and all you have to do is turn on the flashlight and wait for it to ignite. It would be better if you will not put too much kindling so that it won’t be too hard to start the fire.

Once the kindling starts to ignite, carefully transfer it to the pile of wood or second kindling that you’ll be using for your campfire. Blowing the kindling will be very helpful to make the fire bigger.

After transferring it to the pile of wood or again, whatever medium that you have, make sure that the flashlight is properly disposed. Batteries inside the flashlight can really be harmful that is why proper disposal is needed. You don’t need any other problems, do you? Some other people also suggest that you may dump it in the campfire but be sure to be very careful in doing this. There is a chance that it might blow, so take a step back or better yet cover!

Now that you have survived making the campfire out of the things that you have, enjoy your time with the marshmallow on sticks and have fun with your camping!

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