February 11, 2016

Outdoor Games You Can Do With Friends

The fun of playing outdoor games does not end with the sun going down. It becomes more interesting and fun filled. There are several outdoor games that can be played in the dark with the best tactical flashlight in hand. The cold chilly nights will add to the fun of playing outside in the dark. Kids will definitely enjoy the games and the adults would love to participate.

Tear up the darkness with the game of flash tag; it is one of the most popular games that can be played at night and in the dark. With the best tactical flashlight in hand, the kids would be raring to start playing. It is just a twist to the traditional tag games that are played. One person that is “in” will tag the others playing with him by calling out their individual names and focusing the torch on that person. The first person that is tagged will be the “in” during the start of the next round and the last person to be tagged will be the ultimate winner of that round.

Glow In Dark BowlingPhoto Source : http://www.buzzfeed.com

The second game of statues in the dark is another game of great thrill. This is entertainment at its best. One of the people in the game is considered as “in” and the others will pose as statues. The person that is “in” will walk up to each individual posing as a statue and try to make him laugh without touching them. It is time to bring the inner strength to its fullest for all the players that are standing as statues. The first player to laugh from the position of the statue will be the loser and the “in” during the second round of the game. The last player to laugh from the position of the statue will be the winner. The player playing as “in” will have the best tactical flashlight in his hand and will focus the light on the face of the person that has to be forced to laugh.

The romance with darkness increases with the night version of hide and seek game. This is the game that requires less energy but greater eyesight. In this game also, there is one person that is considered “in” and the other players in the game have to find the person that is “in”. The others have to close their eyes while the person that is “in” will hide in the dark. The first person to find the person that is hiding will be the next “in”. After finding the hider, it is important to quietly squeeze in with the hider, so that the place of hiding is not disclosed to the others. This process continues until the last person finds the hider. These outdoor games are made to make the children smarter and innovative.

Catching the firefly is a beautiful and exciting game that can be played after sunset. The person selected as the firefly will have a pocket torch in his pocket. He will hide in the dark and must flash the light within a 60-second gap and move from one hiding place to another. The other participants of the game will have to catch the person selected as the firefly. The first person to catch the person selected as firefly will become the firefly for the next round. This is a game that is for those that are energetic and swift.

glowinthedarkcapturetheflagPhoto Source : http://activedark.com

The games described above are not only interesting but also bring great fun for the kids. One must remember to take the necessary precautions so that no kids get hurt or lost while playing the games. It is always important for the parents to select a boundary within which the kids should play the games and enjoy the fun. It is very important that the playing area selected by the parents for the kids should be away from traffic and busy roads. One must always keep a count of the kids that are playing the games to avoid any kid getting lost in the darkness. The rules of playing the games should be laid down by the parents and the children should always be under the surveillance of the parents.

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