February 17, 2016

Preparation for Island Hopping

Every country has its own beautiful island which indulges and convinces the eye of every foreign national to travel. Either it will be by air, land, or water; they are always good to go. Island hopping is one of the recommended and in demand activities that travelers shouldn’t miss. People start to bounce off the walls when introduced and invited to begin in this extravagant experience.

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Island Hopping is one of the greatest deals when it comes to travelling. It explores the wonderful surreal islands in a locale which gives a traveler an illuminating feeling and experience. However, before doing this activity, preparation should take place. Here are some tips for preparing for Island Hopping:

  1. Decide which island groups you want to visit. Every country has its own most visited and recommended islands. Decide and plan which island groups you want to travel to. Here are some of the best islands you would like to visit.
  2.  Check the weather forecast a couple of days before the tour date. By all means, who would want to hop during a terrible weather? No one, for sure! So be up-to-date with the weather condition before your hopping tour. Watch weather forecast and be aware of environmental situations around you. Be naturally instinctive.
  3. Book an Island hopping tour that includes meals. Make sure to book an Island hopping tour with meals not only to cater your growling tummy but also to taste varieties of food while on tour. It’s part of a whole tropical experience.Grilled dishes, sea foods, tropical desserts and beverages (e.g. coconut juice, mango juice, fruit shakes etc.) are the most mouth watering foods that every traveler should try. So chow every island food you’ll run-in.
  4. Don’t hop alone! It’s always better to do activities with someone. It maybe friends, colleagues or loved ones. Most importantly, building relationship and memories with people is what matters the most. Be socially interactive.dsc09331Photo source: http://cebuislandlive.com
  5. Pack things. Prepare the necessary stuffs with you. The best tactical flashlight should also be regarded. It would be a great help in case of dangers and troubles. The best tactical flashlight  is not just merely a flashlight. It could function as a safety kit or weapon against any wildlife you may meet in the island or sea.  Moreover, bring with you your medicines, snacks, extra clothes etc. It’ll definitely come in handy.
  6. It’s better to prepare than rushing things over.  Consider possible situations that might happen while on tour. It’s not being pessimistic but it’s about the sense of preparedness. 
  7. Be secure and prepared for your tour. Attend orientation and safety precaution meeting before your tour. It is better to be knowledgeable on safety measures than risking things by staying ignorant. Keep directed.
  8. Take good shots. Take alluring photos not only for the mere purpose of posting on Instagram or Facebook but also for capturing memorable moments of the best times of your life. It’s always nostalgic to reminisce about your past travels.
  9. Of course, you have your cameras and gadgets with you. Make sure to protect it with underwater case. You’re in a water experience so expectedly you’ll get wet. Any of your tech gadgets you bring along on your island hopping tour is also in danger of the same thing. Try to protect it from getting wet and put it inside a secure plastic case.
  10. Lastly, enjoy but stay safe while hopping! Have fun, make good memories but stay on guard and be safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Travel as much as you can while you still can embrace the wonders of nature. Island Hopping is one of the best ways to unwind, relax, and be released from all the tension and stress. Make time for building good memories. Life’s too short not to do things you would love to do. So it’s time to give yourself a reward from all the works and task you accomplished. See beyond the horizon and unravel every undiscovered place and activity which will give you excitement. Enjoy life, stay motivated, make memories and travel more.

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