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February 21, 2016

Streamlight 88040 ProTac Professional Tactical Light Review

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light
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Review Summary:

Considered as one of the “elite” tactical flashlights in the market, the Streamlight 88040 ProTac Professional Tactical Light may “intimidate” some for its price, but the functions and simplicity of operation it offers may change your mind. The product is so small, yet so powerful and the lack of its accessories compensate for its ever reliable Ten-Tap programming and other seemingly useful features that professionals, including soldiers, cops, miners and other working people will admire. It is also advisable for use in and outside homes when darkness falls.

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with white LED, Black.


Choosing the right flashlight for your total protection and those of your loved ones just made easy by just reading this article which tackles product of this kind. This article does not only gives feedback and reviews on product, this also provide a total assessment of a certain product.

While there are so many types and brands of tactical flashlights in the market, we could certainly provide you the best information and technical specifications to make your choices narrower. Like this Streamlight 88040 ProTac Professional Tactical Light, which is primarily a white LED illuminated tactical flashlight which comes in various capacities and brightness rating, but we shall concentrate on the 88040 model with 600 Lumens capability.

This type of torch is in huge demand primarily because of its outstanding features not common among tactical flashlights of its caliber. Professionals and other jobs that require artificial lighting or in emergency cases where darkness is inevitable, like power outages, the use of torches, such as this one, can now come in handy. Nevertheless, we could certainly give “light” and wisdom to ease your pain of choosing. Here are some of this product’s outstanding features and other information worth mentioning, hop on!

Product Features

  • Waterproof

This flashlight is water resistant so you could use this even in the rain while you walk in absolute darkness. The tightly fitted bezel and tail cap are both sealed with high-quality O-rings which keep water and other liquid away.

  • 3 Selectable Modes

The ProTac HL, 600 Lumens is equipped with 3 different modes each could give brightness in any situation. The modes are: High, Medium and Low. This product has one of the simplest constructions which are not only ideal for adult professionals, but very compatible with children and oldies where its operation is not so complex unlike other brands. Achieving the 3 modes is by pushing the button on/off click switch on the tail cap. Pressing once, you got high beam, pressing twice and you get strobe light and finally pressing thrice, you will end up at the third mode, which is the low beam.

  • Up to 750 Lumens blinding light

Although it is rated at 600 Lumens, this torch could go up to 750 Lumens on a blinding light; this is also one of the brightest on the ProTac Series.

  • C4 Technology on LED

The flashlight offers the latest technology on LED lighting. C4 technology refers to LED that produces blinding, powerful and brilliant lights which is brighter than any high-intensity LED common in other brands. This technology also gives more life to LED bulbs. Furthermore, the technology makes the LED virtually unbreakable because there is no glass or filament.

  • “Ten-Tap” Programmable

By this system, you can reprogram the light from the standard default option where you just have to quick tap the tail cap button/switch and you can change the lighting you desire or how you want it to be: whether strobe, high only or low/high (there are more options, you can read them in the accompanying instruction manual that comes with the package).

  • Clear Lens

The lens of the ProTac HL is made from durable and clear glass engineered to perfection. The lens does not moist even when use in cold surroundings enabling the user to maintain the brightest lights even in harsh weather condition.

  • Lightweight

At only 5.25 inches in length and 0.35 lbs. weight, the light is truly portable and lightweight. Any person could carry this stuff anywhere and anytime comfortably without the hassle of bulkiness.

  • Aircraft-grade Materials

The tube and primarily the bulb assembly (such as spring) are perfectly-crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum which provides endurance against early tear and wear. The anti-corrosion property of aluminum makes this product virtually rust-proof.

  • Face cap with anti-roll feature

The round feature of this product’s face cap is designed with flaps to avoid rolling when put against flat surfaces, in this manner; the torch will not roll and drops which may cause damage on its lens.

  • Batteries included

The ProTac HL comes with free 2 pieces of CR123A lithium-ion class batteries on its package. At only 6 volts power consumption for both batteries, it is one of the cheapest power-consumer among blinding lights producer.

  • Accessories
  1. Removable pocket clip
  2. Holster

Pros & Cons


  • Maximum Light Output: The solid state power regulation makes the torch light output to the maximum.
  • Slim Construction: At only 1.4 inches average tube diameter, the flashlight could be easily gripped on the palm of the hands making it less susceptible to dropping. Even short-fingered persons could easily grasp its small frame.
  • Simple Operation: With only 3 selectable operating modes, it is easy and quick to select the right beam in any particular situation which is also best suited for novice users.
  • Wider Beam: Compared to other brands of its class, this brand has wider and sharper beam which makes it penetrate deep in pitch black darkness. The white light is highly superior to the orange light a conventional torch provides. The beam, though it sharply shines in clear brightness, does not cause blinding on the users’ perspective.


  • Limited warranty: Streamlight’s limited lifetime warranty provides replacement for defective product within a certain period of time. Its switches and electronic parts have 2-year warranty with proof of purchase.
  • Not dual-battery system: Unlike other brands of its category, this product is only fitted for lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are rechargeable, you just have to buy separate charger.


The Streamlight 88040 ProTac Professional Tactical Light though only had a handful of accessories, it is simple and slim in construction which is also has simple operation but with one of the brightest lights and functions a small device could give. The different intensity and beam it could provide makes it more likely fit both for professional and novice use. Though the Ten-Tap Programming might sounds complex to some, it could be easily learned through its accompanying user’s manual.

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