January 29, 2016

Top Camping Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

Camping is really fun but can it can be rough as well if the campers do not know how to go about. Roughing it in the woods is all about utilizing whatever you can find there for survival. To make camping more fun, here are some camping hacks and ideas that will make things easier.

Is the ground too hard to sleep on? Are you afraid of bugs biting you when you are sleeping? Then you might want to buy some puzzle mats for the inside of your tent. If sleeping on the ground hurts, then puzzle mats can help provide a soft surface. Also, covering the ground with the mats will prevent bugs or other creepy crawlies from getting to you. So if you want to go camping, then it will be good if you invest in some puzzle mats.

Having tick or mosquito problems? Why not make a natural detergent to chase them away? All you have to do is mix two parts water and one part tea tree oil. Put the mix in a spray bottle and you can spray it all over your clothes. That way, you don’t need to worry about any tick bites or pesky mosquito bites.

When you go camping, getting lost is something that is not uncommon. Sometimes having a compass won’t even help! So if you are going to walk into the forest, then you will need some red colored tape. You can use this tape as a marker so you won’t get lost. In order to save tape, you can just stick the tape to some trees and create a trail. That way, you will not lose your way even if you go really deep.

Even if you go camping, you can still actually cook some delicious gourmet meat dishes. You don’t even need to marinade the meat! All you have to do is put some coal over a fire and dump some rosemary on the coal. From there, you can cook meat over the rosemary filled coals.

rosemary Photo source: http://tcpermaculture.com

Did you forget to bring a matchbox or a lighter? Well you can actually start a fire by using only some dead grass and a flashlight. Remember that you will need a very strong flashlight for this. You need to get the best tactical flashlight that you can find in the store. So first off, you will need to take out the glass cover of the flashlight. Try not to break it as you can put it back and use the flashlight again. After that, take the small bulb out and try to remove the glass. Do not break or damage the filament. After you remove the glass, put the bulb back inside the flashlight and put the dead leaves on the top of flashlight. Make sure you fill it up with the dead leaves. Also make sure to leave some dead leaves on the ground. From there, turn on the flashlight until the dead leaves in the flashlight catches fire. When it does, dump the dead leaves on the leaves on the ground and you will have a fire. Do remember that it will not work right away. It probably will take a few minutes but it will work. The stronger the flashlight, the better the chances of it working. So always remember to carry the best tactical flashlight you can find just in case.

Do you only have one flashlight but would want to fill the whole tent with light? Then why not make a portable lamp? To do this, all you have to do is to bring a one gallon jug or bottle. Then, strap the light to the jug so that the light will in all directions. Make sure that the light is facing the center of the jug so that the light can spread evenly.

campingPhoto source: http://www.ferienpilot-hd.de

Camping is something that the group or the whole family can enjoy. However, it will no longer become enjoyable once things get too hard. So as a camper, you have to know how to make things easier for you and your group using the things you have at hand. You have to be resourceful and handy so that you can make the most out of all the things you have. These camping hacks will definitely help you on your camping trip.

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