February 11, 2016

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight Review

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight
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Tactical flashlights could now be used among civilians, housewives, children (7 years old and above) and office workers among other users and not only for policemen, soldiers or members of the military. There are now the kinds of torch of this type in the market designed for popular use. Powerful LED (light emitting diode) is rapidly replacing the conventional incandescent bulb in practical flashlights because it is cheaper, has longer life and lights brighter. The Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight is considered one of the best brands of flashlight in the market as attested to by different reviews circulating on the web.

Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens, Lifetime Warranty, Cree XML T6 or XRE Q5, Military Quality


Tactical flashlight is a device which differs from an ordinary flashlight in such a way that it could be used to mount on weapons such as rifles or small firearms to aid low light target identifications. The Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens is primarily designed for use not only for weapons but also inside and outside homes, offices, cars and other locations.

Flashlights should be available in any household, business establishments, medical and dental institutions, schools and almost anywhere as it is becoming a necessity in our everyday lives. Travelling at night, whether in cities or the countryside, a flashlight is a necessary item as you could not tell what would happen if the surrounding lights went out.

With the ever changing weather worldwide, where floods and thunderstorms are now a usual occurrence everywhere, you should be carrying a flashlight because there could be a big chance of you being caught in a terrible weather (heavy rain or heavy snow fall that may trigger blackout) at night, during or after work, and you need illumination. The best decision is to own a handy and always available lighting device.

Product Features

If you are still wondering what brand of tactical flashlight is the best in the market, you could probably assess these awesome features of the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight.

   1. Water-proof up to 3 feet

This amazing feature enables the flashlight to endure the effect of water up to 3 feet. Water will not seep through the tight casing (sealed with durable O-rings) while it is submerge on that level. Meaning, if the flashlight accidentally fell in a flooded street, in a bathtub or anywhere water is a threat, it could still function normally.

    2.  Gold-plated springs

The spring that tightened the batteries and served as power connections is gold-plated making it corrosion-free unlike steel springs in cheap flashlights. Moisture is always present in the atmosphere and this could ruin steel springs rendering rust that disabled the power continuity in a circuit, using gold-plated springs make the connection rust proof and trouble-free.

   3. 5 Powerful Lighting Modes

Unlike some model of its kind, the CREE T6 XML LED Tactical Flashlight has 5 powerful lighting and focusing modes with memory, each designed for special purposes. The modes are: High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS (for emergency signal).

   4. Packed full with accessories

You will be too lucky to find a type of flashlight that is fully-packed with useful accessories like the Vizeri Led Tactical Flashlight which has the following items included in its pack:

  1. Lamp diffuser and holster ( with D-ring)
  2. A carabineer for used as hanging lamp for strategic places
  3. A bike mount
  4. Weapons mount
  5. Remote tactical switch
  6. Orange diffuser

   5. Components are threaded

Unlike ordinary flashlights, this flashlight’s parts are threaded inside the tube instead of just press fitted. On this manner, vibrations and joggling of batteries, springs and other parts inside the cylinder is avoided.

   6. Made from high-quality materials

The flashlight is practically made from military-grade (materials primarily used to manufacture aircraft parts) aluminum and finished through hardened anodized process that does not easily bend or break in long term use.

   7. With flexible power source options

Although batteries are not included in the package, there are variable options to choose from as power source. You can use either the inexpensive size AAA battery or the CR123 alkaline batteries (this has a rechargeable type). There is another option if you want to use the flashlight in high mode, the manufacturer recommends you use also an inexpensive rechargeable 18650 Lithium-ion batteries.

   8. With a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

This is truly one of the best features the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight could give its customers: a lifetime guarantee. How does it work? If there is something wrong with the product, just contact the dealer or the manufacturer and they are willing to replace the defective unit, no questions ask.

Pros & Cons


  • So Handy: The product is so light and compact (in fact, it is palm-size), it could be hand carried, put in a handbag or in pockets. But do not be deceived with its size: it is so small, yet so powerful. Also, carrying the flashlight should not be an added load and there is no way you could lose it.
  • Zoom Focusing Capability: Using the diffuser, the light’s beam could be scattered and used as a lantern inside the bedroom and then could be focused fixed where it stays focus even when it is bumped or shaken.
  • Beam Memory Feature: This product boasts of having a memory which remembers what beam you used in sequence, so you don’t have to reset the modes.
  • Two-battery Option: This feature surprised majority of users, because they seldom encounter this kind of product which can be operated in two different types of batteries, and they can choose the best that fit their budget (the best part is that both options are similarly low-cost).
  • Proven Shock-proof: Since the light’s parts are made from aircraft-grade materials, the manufacturer certified that the flashlight’s tube and even its internal parts will not be damaged upon hard impact when accidentally dropped from high altitude.
  • Additional light: When you order this product, you will get another light for emergency use at home and could also be used as strobe and diffuser as car flasher.


  • No free power source supplied: Batteries’ not included.
  • Not for Scuba Diving: This flashlight could not be used in deep-sea diving or similar activities.


There could be no doubt that flashlight is becoming a necessity in homes, place of work and recreation and perhaps everywhere else, the Vizeri LED Tactical Flashlight with Focusing Lens could give you bright light you need specially during emergencies. The various features this light could provide make it more convenient and economical for users to own the best tactical flashlight in the market whether it will be used for weapons, bikes, cars or in homes.

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