January 15, 2016

What to Bring on a Cycling Trip

Cycling can be considered as an exercise, sport, or leisure that is completely open for every one of all ages. It has been beneficial to one’s health since it keeps your body at work; plus it helps in releasing stress. It can also improve one’s social life since it has drawn people who share the same interest closer.

Unlike other exercise/sport, cycling allows you to go places, depending on the type of bicycle you’re using since there are bicycles suitable for road trips, while there are other models built for mountainous areas. That is why it is best to choose a bicycle based on your preference to avoid purchasing the wrong bicycle.

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This certain hobby is a good option if you’re interested to venture different places. Before satisfying your adventure cravings, you should make sure to fully secure the following list first.

1) Clothes

  • You should make sure to pack yourself with clothes that aren’t too heavy and difficult to carry. It is also advisable to bring clothes that are suitable for both cycling and casual wear. Weather should also be taken into consideration when bringing clothes.

2) Proper ride gears

  • Safety should always be prioritized when riding a bicycle. Though cycling is considered as a fun and healthy way of keeping your body active, precautions should be done as it can also cause injuries if you lost balance; thus, proper gears should be worn when riding a bicycle.
  • Helmet should be on top of your priority list as this is the most important gear when cycling. Choose a helmet that does not easily break and that perfectly fits on your head.
  • Cycling shorts are highly recommended, as it does not disrupt your movement when pedaling the bicycle. On the other hand, cycling glasses protect your eyes from dust, wind, and raindrops when raining, making it essential as well. Proper cycling gloves, shoes and socks are also important in keeping you comfortable.

3) Personal items

  • Toiletries, medicines, first-aid kit, water, energy bar, chamois cream, insect repellent (if you are planning for mountainous areas), identification cards, credit card (if you have one), and enough money should be on your priority list when going on a cycling trip. Before caring for your bicycle, you should take extra care of yourself first.
  • Energy bar and water are especially important to keep your condition stable since cycling requires much energy.

4) Tool kit and spares

  • Rather than ending up helpless, it is better to carry at all times tool kit and spares for your bicycle.
  • Few of the most important things to bring on your trip are multi-tool with chain breaker, pump, tyre levers, puncture patches, adhesive, and bike lock (in case you’re planning to drop by somewhere).
  • For spares, extra chains, bolts, and brake pads could be useful.

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5) Devices

  • Before enjoying your cycling trip, mobile phones and power banks should be fully charged for communication purposes (of course, this includes charger or cable).
  • Though this is not necessary, bringing of digital camera can be a good option if you wish to document your wonderful experiences with your fellow cyclists or if you opt to share on social media your adventurous day.
  • Flashlights (preferably the best tactical flashlight) should also be on your list for emergency purposes. Unlike other flashlights, best tactical flashlight are narrower, handier compared to the usual ones, making it more ideal to bring everywhere you go.
  • iPod and other mp3 players can be of use too in keeping you relaxed while cycling, albeit this item is not that important.

Lastly, you must have your bicycle inspected at any bicycle services before focusing on what to bring for the trip to avoid accident and for you to fully enjoy your adventure without disturbances at all.

Now that you have completed the set of things to carry on your trip, you are free to go and explore different areas without worrying too much. However, always remember not to carry too many items when cycling on a long distance travel as it can easily drain your energy. Make sure it’s light and not a nuisance on your trip. To make it more precise, just carry the important ones.

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